Frequently asked questions and their answers

  • Who owns and maintains India Stack?

    India Stack is the name used to describe a collection of disparate technology products and frameworks. The components of this collection are owned and maintained by different agencies. Aadhaar products such as e-auth and e-KYC are owned by the Unique ID Authority of India. eSign is a technology specification which is maintained by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Digilocker is owned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. UPI is owned by the National Payments Corporation of India. The Account Aggregator framework is regulated by RBI and its technology standards and owned by ReBIT.

  • Can India Stack be applied in other countries?

    The principles, technologies, and functionality of India Stack can be applied in any country. None of the systems which comprise India Stack require any proprietary technology or intellectual property which would preclude their implementation in any other country.

  • How can interested individuals get involved with IndiaStack?

    Individuals interested in contributing to or working on India Stack may volunteer with iSPIRT, a non-profit think tank which champions digital public goods and maintains this website. More information may be found at ispirt.in.

  • How can you start building on India Stack?

    The answer to this question depends on which component of India Stack is of interest. Depending on the answer, the relevant government agency or institution owning that particular product will be able to provide access to APIs, sandboxes, and other pieces needed to start building. Alternatively, interested parties may elect to use the APIs offered by intermediaries. Popular intermediaries offering APIs and sandboxes on top of India Stack products include Digio, Karza, Signzy, OnGrid and many others.