Using eKYC & eSign for a friction free telecom experience

Reliance Jio is the first mobile service provider to utilise eKYC & e-Sign as a way to cut down on new SIM card activation time by going completely paperless.

Previously, Jios activation time stood between 3-5 days. This was necessary for the convoluted and lengthy KYC process that is a staple of all new mobile number activation experiences. While this is a cumbersome process for the service providers themselves, it has a hugely detrimental effect on customer experience, which involves long waits, lengthy documentation requirements, and a delay in service.


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With the Aadhar card enabled e-KYC & e-Sign process, Jio transformed its verification process from a highly friction-filled pain point to a seamless, friction-free experience. One can walk in to a Reliance Jio Store, Enter their Aadhaar Number, Authorise eKYC & eSign using biometrics and Walk away with a SIM Card!

The use of Aadhaar in their core business process has enabled Jio to scale their onboarding and enabled them to acquire over 20M+ customers in 1 Month.

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