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    Dear Experts,
    We would like to use the INDIA STACK API and develop a small test App/POC using UPI.
    Can some one guide us on how to proceed ? Do we have separate APIs for testing ?
    Any approvals required ?

    Thanks & Regards


    Nikhil Kumar

    What kind of app are you planning to build? You can get API’s from companies like Razorpay or Instamojo which allow you to make a payment request you to UPI registered users!


    Ajay Jadhav

    Hi Nikhil,

    We are planning to build an app like Paytm for merchants and consumers, and want to avoid using existing APIs provided by Razorpay or Instamojo due to higher pricing.

    Is there any way we can directly connect/use the APIs provided by NPCI? A pointer to those links/examples will really be appreciated.



    Radhakrishna Sanka

    Any luck getting a response ?


    Nikhil Kumar

    Dear Ajay, Radha,

    You’d need to work with a sponsor bank to get access to UPI API’s for you to be able to build a consumer-facing app like PayTM. This is by design as the liability of settlements, redressal and chargeback lie with the bank.


    Radhakrishna Sanka

    Thanks for that info Ajay,

    So could you give more technical information / resources on the implementation details with the UPI. And also which banks we can approach and who are the points of contact in those branches.

    It would be great if you can update the site to include this information in a more accessible manner. It’s really hard to find any real resources for working with IndiaStack.


    Satyen V Kothari

    IndiaStack team – would love to have a comparison of the capabilities of various SDKs offered by various banks for UPI. Perhaps you could provide an initial framework that we can all help keep updated?



    For individual developers with no access to banks for API, where is the browsable category intent in juspay & NCPI reference app BHIM ? To carry out all sorts of scenarios envisaged in API doc, you need it.Isn’t it mandatory ?
    All they need to do is add ‘android.intent.category.BROWSABLE’ in intent filter

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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