• Who owns the India Stack?

    Each API within the India Stack collection is owned by a separate entity, which owns the specification, and the governance of that API. For instance, the Aadhaar authentication, and eKYC APIs are owned by the UIDAI. Similarly, the UPI API is owned by the NPCI.

  • What is the role of iSPIRT in the India Stack?

    iSPIRT believes that Open APIs unlock complex value chains and trigger increased innovation. Using Open APIs, small teams inside Govt. or in the private sector can build relevant solutions to address Indian problems.

    To advance Open APIs, iSPIRT helps the owner of the API, on a pro-bono basis, with creation of specifications, evangelisation, and popularisation. iSPIRT also helps developers embrace these APIs by facilitating hackathons and building community generated documentation and support.