Aadhaar Auth for Verification

Babajob is a mobile service that connects job seekers to employers all over the country. Through its service it aims to reduce the disconnect between the connected and the unconnected, by providing access to a larger network of people and jobs.

In the beginning, Babajob used mobile phone numbers and email for verification. Later they added Facebook and Google Auth as part of that. But, given the temporary nature of mobile phone numbers especially among the migrant workers, adopting Aadhaar Auth was a strong step in reinforcing the system’s trust and accountability.

All registered workers who submit their Aadhaar number, receive an Aadhaar verified badge on their profiles, increasing trust as well as incentivising others to submit their Aadhaar details.




While it is not currently, mandatory, Babjob is mulling an experiment to make it so and look at the results of that.

“It sends a very powerful signal that Aadhaar is authenticated. It is an authentication layer that is unmatched. It is a unique identifier that stays with you for life and they (the employees and employers) value it very highly.

It is so crucial in our field especially, because Aadhaar Auth allows you to know who you are dealing with, build trust and reputational record”

Vir, Co-Founder of Babajobs

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